January 27, 2017

Standard Pistol

International Standard Pistol matches are normally shot outdoors at 25 meters. Our annual Standard Pistol league is shot indoors (Spring) at 50 feet on a reduced target or outdoors (Summer/Fall) at 25 yards at a reduced target. Standard Pistol events consist of 20 shots slow-fire, 20 shots timed-fire and 20 shots rapid-fire. Slow-fire is 5 shots in 150 seconds. Timed Fire is 5 shots in 20 seconds. Rapid Fire is 5 shots in 10 seconds. This event is very similar to Bullseye .22. Our Standard Pistol league is shot every year from January to March and/or July to October. It is a weekly series of regulation 60 shot matches which runs for eight weeks. The league may be sanctioned by USA Shooting or NRA.

This event is shot with a “standard pistol”; a .22LR, semi-automatic, with open sights. There are restrictions on length of barrel and sight radius (22 cm), and on the trigger, pull weight (min 1000 grams). Appropriate equipment includes Ruger 5″, Benelli, S&W Model 41, Pardini, FAS, Morini, Walther GSP, Feinwerkbau AW93, most High Standards, and IZH-35.

Standard Pistol .. New Walther SSP shown with a Rink grip.

This is the latest technology in Standard and Rapid Fire pistols. Everything is completely adjustable. Loads through the breach with a 5-shot magazine. No hammer, but is striker fired. Very light and well balanced. This is a “no excuses left” pistol.