January 27, 2017

Centerfire/Sport Pistol

International Centerfire/Sport Pistol annual league – Outdoor at 25 yards (reduced targets). Each match consists of 30 shots slow and 30 shots Duel (now known as rapid fire). Slow fire is 5 shots in 150 seconds (local rule to speed up the match, actual match time is 6 minutes). Duel is a 5 shot string with 3 seconds for each shot and a 7 second wait between shots. This league is shot every year from Aug to Oct. It is a weekly series of regulation 60 shot matches which runs for eight weeks. The league is sanctioned by USA Shooting.

Centerfire is a men’s World Cup event. Centerfire is shot with a maximum caliber of .38. Normally .32 S&W Long or .38 Special calibers (target loads) are used. The equipment used includes S&W and Colt target revolvers, Walther GSP .32, Pardini .32, Hammerli .32, Benelli .32, and Colt 1911 in .38 calibers. There are restrictions on sight radius, barrel length, and trigger pull (min 1360 grams). All International events are shot with open sights only.

Sport Pistol is a women’s Olympic event. It is shot with a .22LR standard pistol or .22LR target revolver