January 27, 2017

NRA Bullseye Pistol

NRA Bullseye matches are three gun events, known as 2700’s for short. They are shot 3 times over the same course with .22LR, centerfire, and .45. Many, if not most, shooters use the .45 for the centerfire section. Slow-fire is shot at 50 yards; timed and rapid fire is shot at 25 yards. Slow-fire is 10 shots in 10 minutes. Timed-fire is 5 shots in 20 seconds, and rapid-fire is 5 shots in 10 seconds. Any sights may be used; “red-dots” are very popular but most of the records were set with open sights. Competing in a 2700 is a long, fun day of shooting.

Our Postal League is held from Dec thru Mar, and 10 sets of targets are shot for record. The league has a dual purpose; we score for the club internal league and we submit 4-man team scores to the postal league sponsored by the Spokesman-Review and the Inland Empire Rifle and Pistol Association. This postal league has been running for over 70 years and typically includes over 90 teams from the western states.

The league is the .22LR section shot indoors at 50′ using reduced targets. Any .22LR standard pistol (semi-automatic) and any sights. Restriction, of course, on barrel length, trigger pull, etc.

Photos of Russian IZH with red dot and a new Walther SSP with a red dot are shown below.

The SSP has a Rink grip and a no-mod scope mount (fits in the dovetail under the barrel) and sports a new very small Aimpoint red dot. The SSP is a top loader with a 5 shot mag inserted through the open bolt.

Normal .45 and centerfire equipment are usually¬†target “1911’s”. Centerfire, when not shot with the .45, is usually shot with “1911” .38 cal, or a variety of new .32 S&W Long International pistols.

The Bullseye League on the clubhouse 50′ firing line. The indoor range can accommodate 11 shooters on a relay. Compressed air driven turning targets. Follow the Total Postal League results for team placings in the Inland Empire Rifle and Pistol Association’s web site at:
http://www.ierpa.com or http://www.ierpa.org