January 26, 2017

Archery Range Rules

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Each shooter will observe and comply with the following rules:

  1. Arrows shall remain un-nocked and safely stored at all times except when the shooter is in position on the firing line and the range is clear to fire.
  2. Nocked arrows will be pointed in a safe direction at all times, they will be pointed directly down-range and BELOW the horizon at all times. Under no conditions will a shooter point a nocked arrow above the horizon while drawing the bow.
  3. Regular cease-fires are called by the Range Official or, in his absence, by mutual consent of all the shooters on the line. When a cease fire is announced, all bows must be brought to rest, arrows unnocked and safely stored, and shooters must remove themselves from the firing line.
  4. Only AFTER all shooting has ceased and all shooters have removed themselves from the firing line, may shooters proceed down-range to retrieve their arrows.
  5. The Range Officer or, in his absence, the shooter who has called the cease-fire is personally responsible for safely ending the cease-fire by insuring all shooters have returned from down-range and that the range is again clear.
  6. Each shooting position on the firing line has a corresponding target butt directly down-range. Each shooter must shoot ONLY at the target provided or an approved paper target, which has been properly hung on the target butt directly down-range from his position.
  7. Under no conditions will more than one arrow be nocked on the bowstring.
  8. Crossbows and blunt tipped arrows are not allowed on our ranges. Broadhead arrows may only be shot at the sand pits on the flat range with the permission of the Rangemaster.
  9. The hierarchy of authority on the ranges is; Rangemaster, Assistant Rangemaster, Temporary Rangemaster, Club Member, public shooter. Club Members who observe safety or range use violations without taking immediate action will be suspended.
  10. Each shooter is required to observe and comply with any other rules posted on the range. Absent specific rules all shooters will follow generally accepted archery safety standards and use good common sense. As a bow owner/user YOU are responsible for your actions. Shooters who endanger public safety will be prosecuted.
  11. Shooters who are unable to place their shots on their target may be asked to leave the range and not return until they have successfully completed appropriate training classes.
  12. Shooters who deliberately shoot anything but the target butts will be charged for the damage and BARRED from the ranges.
  13. There will be absolutely no intoxicants allowed on WCW property. Violators will be BARRED from the facility.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and to inspect all bows, arrows and equipment brought to this facility.