July 16, 2019

2019 WCW Intro to Field Archery

WCW Introduction to Field Archery

August 3rd & 4th, 2019

Kenmore Shooting Range

Wondering what Field Archery is?  Aimed primarily for Youth Archers, WCW will hold a Seminar on August 3rd for registered participants to introduce Field Archery.  Led by National Level Archers, Charles and DeAnna Puls, students will be put in small groups to practice learned concepts on WCW’s fabulous 28-target NFAA Field Course.

Learn how to find proper sight marks, shoot at targets on hills and down in valleys.  Saturday will be seminar, and Sunday, August 4th, will be an informal tournament.  Participation is limited, just a few spots left.

The Saturday seminar will start at 10 am in The Chalet.  The Sunday event’s start time will be decided on Saturday.

Hiking Boots or sturdy shoes are highly recommended.

Price: $ 20.00

The pistol range is closed for renovation.