We are on social media and need your help

Dear WCW Club Members and Visitors,

Launching our new website earlier this year was just the first part of our effort of enhancing our web presence online. Today we are happy to announce that we are marching ahead with the next step of entering the world of social media.

WCW is now on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. We are @wcwiorg on all of them.

We are working on adding new content on them but we need your help.

As WCW members and enthusiasts we need your help in capturing and creating new content.

Any event like competition, class, match or event you attend at the club take a photo, write a small passage about it and send it to us at web@wcwi.org. We are also looking for dedicated volunteers (specially youth members) for each discipline to help with the website and social media.

One more thing, we know that there is no a lot of content yet but we will appreciate if you can follow us on your favorite platform (or better yet, all of them). Follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook Page,  follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Looking forward to take our club forward, to infinity and beyond.

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