May 2017 Kenmore Benchrest Match Report by Richard Nicol

Well, we didn’t have a great turnout for our march this May. Maybe because it was Mother’s Day weekend. So maybe that’s the positive side. Mother’s have to be acknowledged and honored. Let’s hope they all were. The attached photo is for her. Nevertheless, it was a great day for a match. Bright overcast with no rain and moderate winds. Not as warm as it could have been but tolerable. Yet again the 30 BRs dominated in the custom class. It’s difficult to argue against this caliber or should we say chambering. However soon there may be another 30 caliber chambering showing up at our matches, namely the “30 Major” which is actually a small cartridge adapted from the 6.5 Grendel case, which is actually another variation on the 7.62 x 39mm Russian case. This cartridge should be a challenge to the 30 BR cartridge at least at short to moderate range, as at our matches. We’ll see. Shooters are a curious lot and are always looking for the next best thing to give them a little advantage in our very competitive sport.

We shot only at 200 yards again due to water and mud problems at the 300 yard berms. This makes the matches go more quickly but eventually we want to resume shooting at the longer distance. We had three shooters in custom, three in factory and one in custom factory and here’s how the scoring went: match one= Dan Kjelland was first with the highest score of the day, 105. Dennis Tyskiewicz was second with 102 and Ted Larson, uncharacteristically, was third with 100 points. In factory, Jeff Locke scored 97 points for first place, Ernie Snyder had 90 points for second and Matt Daly had 89 for third. Our only shooter in custom factory class, Matt Caldwell, shot a score of 93. Matt is shooting a new barrel on his Savage rifle chambered in .270 Winchester, the fabled hunting round. This has never happened at any of our matches so Matt is making history. It’s always nice to see people trying new things.

Match two: Ted bounced back with a good score, 102 points. Dan had an even 100 for second and Dennis scored 97 for third. In factory Ernie came out on top with a score of 95. Jeff had 94 and Matt Daly had 86. Matt Caldwell scored 89 points with his .270 Win.

Match three: Dan had a score of 103 for first. Ted also shot a good target with 101 points and Dennis had 98 for third place. Jeff shot another 94 and this was good enough for first place. Ernie had 92 points for second and Matt Daly had 82 for third. Matt Caldwell shot another lonely 89.

Last match: Dan matched his earlier best score of the day. That would be 105 points. Ted was second with 99 and Dennis was one point behind him with a score of 98 points. In factory Ernie and Jeff tied for first, both scoring 96 points and Matt had 83 for second place. Matt C. had 86 points.

The overall winner in custom class was won handily by Dan and in factory class Jeff out scored everyone.

Here’s a suggestion for scoring match points toward our trophies at the end of the regular season in September. If there is only one shooter in a category, he or she will receive one point for each match. If there are two shooters the top shooter will get two points and the next best will get one. There should be some reward for just showing up. If there are three shooter, or more, in a class, then the points will be awarded in the customary fashion; first place gets three points, second gets two and third gets one. We’ll talk about this at the next match to see if there’s a consensus that this makes sense and is fair.

Our next match is June 10th. Hope to see everyone then. For information call Richard Nicol at 206-784-1093 or Dennis Tyskiewicz at 425-409-1223.

Here is the link to the 2017 standings.

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