Handgun Committee Meetings

Recently the club membership decided to split the Range Committee into two separate Rifle Committee and Handgun Committee. Although the two discipline of rifle and handgun share some aspects like safety, burning gunpowder to force a metal projectile with speed towards the target and having fun while making noise, they are very different in many aspects.

By having separate committee for handgun and rifle we can focus on the individual aspect of the the two disciplines.

This coming Sunday June 4, 2017 we will hold our first handgun committee meeting at the Chalet and we would love to hear from all of you who are enthusiastic about handguns and pistols on how we can improve member and visitor experience while improving the safety and growing the interest of new people in the sport.

Please bring your ideas, energy and enthusiasm to help us in making it more fun and enjoyable experience.

Handgun Committee Monthly Meeting

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